Russian women

Dating Russian women is very popular in the online dating world. At first it may seem like an uphill battle – that is if you haven’t done any research on their culture. Women all over the world have similar needs but a lot of the behaviour is influenced by culture. We have put together a list of things you need to know before dating Russian women to help you be successful at it.

1. Russian women are dedicated to looking good.

Russian womenThat may even be an understatement because Russian women dress up even for merely going to the grocery store. In western countries – sweats, a large t-shirt and ugg boots will do the trick. Not in Russia though. Looking good is a must for these ladies. That means they are focused on eating healthy, working out and dressing to the nines. These ladies are feminine to the core.

2. Giving gifts is very common.

Russians always have a reason to bring someone a small gift so bringing flowers or a box of chocolate on the first date is very typical in the dating scene. Note that gifts shouldn’t be expensive – otherwise you leave an impression of yourself as someone who is trying to impress others with money. Humility is the way to go.

3. Being a gentleman.

Russian culture is still rather conservative so when you take women out you are expected to behave as a gentleman. That means opening doors, paying for dates and so on. Some ladies may object to your paying for all the dates but paying is still the right thing to do. Once you’ve already been in a relationship for a while – slpitting the bill is okay.

4. She’s a lady.

Another thing Russian culture reinforces in women is that they need to be lady-like. Letting them be exactly who they are – emotional at times, is expected. Women don’t have to pretend to be tough like it often happens in the west. Even if it seems very corny being a knight in shining armour – that is the right way to go.

5. Defining the relationship.

In the Russian dating culture there is no dating several people at the same time. You become exclusive rather fast. If you are not okay with this then you need to be upfront about it. Even if you’ve only gone out with a woman a couple of times – she will not like you dating someone else.


Using these tips when dating Russian women, you will have success in no time. Feel free to do more research online so you can further ensure having a great experience.