Every country in the world contributes something amazing to the heritage of the world. Russia is no different. The Russian culture has a long and rich history and it just keeps getting better. This article is for online dating enthusiasts who are looking to date Russian women and want to learn more about the culture. Here are some fun facts about the Russian culture:

1. Palaces

Have a look at cities such as Moscow or St Petersburg, what you see is a number of grandiose palaces all around you. What makes these amazing buildings unforgettable is their architectural design – all of their majesty, how huge they are, how intricate they are. A good example of these is Petergof Palace located in the town by the name of Petergof. It is called the Russian Versailles and was built in 1725. Ordered by Peter the Great – that explains why these impressive palaces are what they are. They were ordered by royalty and no expense was too much.

2. Ballet

Russian cultureThere are so many amazingly talented and famous Russian ballet dancers. The theater culture overall is rich in Russia. Russian composers have produced and choreographed a huge number of memorable and successful ballets over the recent years. In music as well as plays and dances.

3. Vodka

Russians are very well known for producing the world’s best vodka. Not only are they known for creating it – they are also known to drink tons of it. It is on the table for every party. Is used for medicine and for keeping warm during the winter’s blistering colds.

4. Superstitions

You would be hard pressed to find a nation on this earth that is more superstitious than the Russian people. Their entire culture is full of them. There are the ones that are similar to some of ours – like breaking a mirror. That is supposed to bring seven years of bad luck. In Russia you shouldn’t look into a broken mirror. Talking about possible success in the future is a no-no. You’d better be quiet about it until the day has arrived.

5. Gymnastics

Russia is great at sports on most levels but their success shows especially in the gymnastics era. They have produced more gold winning gymnasts than any other country on the globe. So the Russian sports culture is blooming just like everything else.


There are plenty more amazing facts about the Russian culture and we will have more articles on this subject soon. In the meantime enjoy your dating and why not plan a once in a lifetime trip to Russia.