Every culture has something unique to offer to the rest of the world. For example Italy is known for being the creator of pasta and pizza, Greece is known for philosophy and England for its beautiful countryside. Out of all European countries Russia is one of the most mysterious ones. It has a rich and complicated history. This article details 5 unique aspects of the Russian culture.

Russians do the following 5 thing better than anyone: Russians


Have a look at cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg and see for yourself the many amazing palaces there. These marvellous buildings are unforgettable due to there complex design, their majesty, their enormousness.

Among the most known palaces in Russia is the Peterhof Palace that is located in the town of Peterhof. Peterhof Palace is also known by the name of “the Russian Versailles” and it was built in 1725 on the orders of none other thank Peter the Great himself. There are plenty more amazing palaces to visit, so do more research online.


We all know about the amazing success Russian ballet dancers have. Russia has also produced and choreographed a great number of famous ballets over the years. The music is also included here.


We have all heard this stereotype about Russians loving to drink vodka but not too many know where this comes from. Turns out that it is the legacy of their long and difficult history where during hard times and in cold winter nights, most people had a shot just to stay warm.


Russians are a very superstitious nation. Most superstitions have now become a part of everyday life for most. Here are a couple of examples:

*Similarly to the American belief, breaking a mirror is seen as bad luck in Russia. If you look at your reflection in a broke mirror that will bring you 7 years of bad luck.
*Talking of future success is seen as bad luck. One should keep quiet about it until it has come true.
*If a chicken crows at you three times before noon then the death of a close family member is expected within a fortnight. The chicken will be killed but not eaten(to avoid the incident).


If you love watching gymnastics then you are already aware of the success of Russian gymnasts. No matter what category is, there will be a Russian there to go for the gold. Have a look at the number of gold medals Russian female and male gymnasts have won.