Like with other Eastern European countries, Russian women are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. That is one of the things that attracts Western men to the idea of dating Russian women. When you start dating Czech women you need to be aware of the basics: what to avoid, how to make a good impression and so on. Here is a short list of what to pay attention to.

Don’t no. 1 – Offer your hand for a handshake. Russian women

While in other places in the Western world this would be the most natural thing to do, it is different in Russia, where the proper greet is a kiss on the cheek. When you offer your hand it comes across as too official like a business handshake. Remember that you are pursuing a romantic interest and that is what you want to convey. A small peck on the cheek is better when you greet among friends. Shaking hands makes sense when you are leaving and only for the guys.

Don’t no. 2 – Buy expensive gifts. (Anything above 15USD is considered expensive)

When you visit a friend in Prague, bring a small gift. A bottle of wine for the guys, flowers to the hostess or date, a box of chocolates for your host. Keep from buying expensive gifts since in that culture space it will seem like you’re trying to impress people with your money. It comes across cocky. Bring out bigger gifts when things get more serious.

Don’t no. 3 – Bring even number flowers and chrysanthemums.

Flowers are welcome for any occasion, especially so on dates. A single rose or a bouquet of tulips is a nice gesture. There is plenty to choose from but keep in mind that the number must be uneven. That is because as with other Eastern European countries – even numbers are brought to funerals and dedicated to the dead. Same with chrysanthemums. They are gorgeous but over there usually given for the dead.

Don’t no. 4 – Dress too casually.

The guys that women are used to, value their appearance as much as the women themselves. They will dress up for even the most regular tasks. Casual wear usually only goes for barbeques and sports. Dress the best for the first date. A smart, business-casual day like wear will do. Go for well fitting, pressed clothes that show that you have put effort into the date.

Don’t no. 5 – Go Dutch.

If you sincerely want to impress a Russian woman, pay. She may offer to pay, but be a gentleman and pick up the tab. Chivalry shouldn’t stop there. Also take her coat, open doors, help her to her seat in a restaurant. Chivalry isn’t a widespread practice these days so this is a sure way to leave a very good impression.