Russian girlfriend

So you have been online dating a Russian woman for some time now, and you are wondering what you can do to turn her into your Russian girlfriend. She just doesn’t seem to want to commit. There may be several reasons for that. For one thing it may be your approach to online dating, you may come off too strong or too shy, it could be how your profile is set up and how you talk to the ladies. That sounds like a lot to take in at once so let us break it up for you.

1. You are too shy (on your profile or while chatting).

Russian girlfriendShy is something that Russian women are put off by. Shy equals boring to them, and since they are very temperamental and passionate, they need excitement in their life. You need to stand out from the rest so add more to your about me section on your profile. What hobbies you have picked up. What your favourite movies and vacation spots are. Also, write what you don’t like.

2. Your profile picture isn’t presentable.

Your profile gallery may also not be presentable. If you think about your profile picture – it is the first time people lay eyes on you. Isn’t it crucial then that it is a great picture? If possible, have a professional take your picture. Also, have someone help you out with taking photos of you engaged in a hobby of yours. Recent travel pictures won’t hurt either.

3. Improve your conversation skills.

Being able to have great conversations is essential. Constantly adding the kinds of jokes she doesn’t laugh at isn’t a good idea. You may think it is harmless teasing, but soon it will put her off for good. Be considerate, ask her lots of questions about her life and hobbies, remember that English isn’t her first language.

4. Talk about yourself a lot?

A lot may be too much. We all want to impress people who are attractive to us so sometimes we get carried away. Focus on her when you are talking. Ask her about her interests and her culture and country. Everyone loves it if people are interested in their homeland.

5. You’re not entirely honest.

It happens that when we meet a very attractive person, we may want to make ourselves seem more successful, more exciting, more interesting than we are. Don’t fall into that bad habit because the truth will come out sooner or later and may end up ruining your chances.


If you follow the tips provided in this article, you are much more likely to land that Russian girlfriend. Good luck with your dating and come back soon for more online dating tips.