dating Slavic women

Dating Slavic women for marriage is a growing trend with Western men and it just might be the best decision they make. “Why”, you ask?, because dating Slavic women is different from what you are used to – their priorities are different from the women that you typically go out with. They could be the perfect match for your “ideal woman”. Here is what is different about Slavic women:

Difference nr.1 – Prioritizing Family

Out of everything else in her life, family is the most important one for Slavic women. That’s how they were raised – to have strong bonds with family members. The connection will have an impact on her dating life, (future) marriage life and also (future) family life. At first it may seem like it’s a bit much for you but once you start seriously dating a Slavic woman the family will play a role.

Difference nr.2 – Taking Care of Herself  

Wanting to look good may seem a bit shallow in the West but in Slavic countries it is the norm. The women are very feminine and love to be that way. Beauty salons, beautiful make up, beautiful hair-dos, loving to work out – all of this is a huge part of their lives. Dressing up is expected and accepted. Note that it wouldn’t hurt here if you yourself upped your game a bit. She may be expecting her male counterpart to handsome.

Difference nr.3 – Into Masculinity dating Slavic women

Because these ladies have embraced their femininity they are looking for the opposite in a relationship. Research has shown that women from that part of the world are looking for a decisive, strong and outspoken guy. You can be a perfect gentleman with these women and expect that your tougher side is fully accepted.

Difference nr.4 – Expecting Respectful Behaviour

All Slavic ladies appreciate male presence in their lives if the man is a gentleman. By being a gentleman we mean asking her on dates, opening doors, escorting her home, buying her flowers, paying her a lot of attention and so on. This is expected of you when you date these women.

Difference nr.5 – Dating Exclusively

This is typical for that part of the world – once you start dating you are expected to give all your attention to her. It is almost automatic once you’ve been on more than three dates. If you focus on any other woman it is considered cheating. There is a fine line here so make sure you show that you are a one-woman-man.

What Do You Think?

Does it seem that dating Slavic women is a different experience from the usual? If this sounds perfect for you then sign up to dating portals that focus on women from that part of the world.