Russian woman

So many guys like you are asking these questions. “What kind of men do Russian women want? What are they looking for exactly?”
The answers are in the values these ladies hold dear to their heart. Those values are love, family, passion, to name a couple. There are plenty more but it this article we will have an in depth look at 5 of them. If you ask single Russian women what they want in a man, they will very likely list the following:

1. Great mindset towards children.

Russian womenRussian women online and actually in general are very family oriented. They want a guy that is good with kids, loves being around them and is interested in raising his own. Russian women want a man that is focused on providing for a family.

2. Confident and smart

This is not surprising. All women want someone who has confidence and who is intelligent. The combination of these do makes a person irresistible. It is important to find a balance between being confident and being arrogant. Also being intelligent and coming across like a know it all.

3. Good conversationalist

Russian women in general are well educated and want someone they can discuss a variety of topics with. These ladies show interest in culture, art, current events and even politics. So they are interested in meeting guys that can carry a conversation. If you happen to be an interesting, well-read, well-travelled guy then you are in luck.

4. Knows what he wants in life

These can also file under the category of “confident”. People who know what they want out of life exude confidence and that makes them incredibly attractive. If you are the let’s-see-what-life-throws-my-way kind of guy then you be honest with the women. You may find someone like minded but most of these ladies are very goal-oriented in their lives.

5. Decisive

Being unable to make decisions is not attractive on any person. People who need others to pitch in come across as immature. Russian women are interested in men that have no problem making up their mind.