Getting a hot Russian woman’s attention sounds a lot harder than it is in reality. Don’t get us wrong – effort will be needed, but what you invest will come back to you tenfold. Now how do you go about making yourself visible to these ladies? This article offers you 4 great tips of how to do that without coming across too attention grabbing.

1. Dress Well

Russian woman
Russian woman

This tip sound very basic and very broad as well. We realize that. What is meant here is that Russian women absolutely love to look good. They will dress up for simply going down to the grocery store. So you can expect that they are looking for a man who can dress well. If you aren’t the sharpest dresser around then ask advice from friends or head to a clothing store where you can get stylists to help you out. This sounds like more effort than it is.

2. Confidence

A person who exudes confidence is naturally attractive to us. Confidence isn’t always walking right over as soon as you notice someone attractive. If you happen to be in a restaurant or a bar – a great idea is to send over some great drinks to her and her friends. Then if she is fine with it you can walk over and have a conversation. Pay attention to everyone at the table so your interest in her isn’t too straightforward. Being a little aloof and still interested is the best way to go.

3. Manliness

Yes, manliness. To Russian women this is a mixture of an old school type of a guy. You should open doors, help her to her seat, bring flowers but also be interested in manly things such as sports, going out with friends for beer and so on. Anything that shows off testosterone. Being too mushy and watching romantic movies all the time is too much. In the Russian culture you would be seen as a softie. Being in touch with your romantic side is one thing. Overdoing it is another.

4. Long Conversations

Russian women usually have a great education and when they are in a relationship they expect their partner to be interested in discussing current news. Spend time with your girl and offer her the opportunity to express her thoughts on whatever is going on. Taking time to be with her and listen to her will impress her and show her that you are sincere with your intentions.

What to Avoid

There are some topics you should keep away from as they can get her too fired up. Anything to do with Russian politics, religion, or with money is a no go zone. If she talks about these issues it is best just to listen.

Try out these tips and see how they make your dating life easier. Good luck with getting that special Russian woman’s attention and come back soon for more Russian dating tips.