Russian culture

Every culture on the globe has something great to offer that we can all admire and learn from. Russia’s culture is very unique with how it differs from the Western world. We have listed a couple of things that are different in the Russian culture:

Difference no. 1 – Punctuality Russian culture

In plenty of countries around the world, and most especially so in the US and in Japan, punctuality is considered really important. The saying “Time is Gold” rings true in these places and is almost taken literally. One is expected to meet at a scheduled time and if the time is set for 1 PM then the meeting starts at 1 PM. In these regions people are wary of wasting a minute of their time.

The Difference in Russia:

Russian culture stems from a long agricultural heritage and in farming the farmer will prepare the land, plant the seeds and then wait for the harvest time. There is a routine of tending to the plants that is all dependent on the weather and there is no real pressure to comply with a strict schedule. That makes Russians much more relaxed around the issue of time. A westerner will usually be in the meeting room 5 minutes early but a Russian at the same time may not exhibit the same urgency.

Difference no. 2 – Smiles

In most cultures around the world smiling s considered an act of hospitality, warmth and friendliness. It is always customary to greet people with a smile, and leave with one as well. Smiles are seen as something that brightens up the day for people. It is considered the norm in most regions and is very much expected in some.

The Difference in Russia:

In Russia, as strange as it may sound, smiling at strangers isn’t customary. When engaging in conversation with a random person on the street they may well surprise you with their seriousness. It is thought it comes from the tough history the country has had and everything its people have had to endure. It is almost as if they expect things to turn out bad. However, if you get acquainted with a Russian and are invited into their home then you will be treated the best you’ve ever been treated and get a lot of friendly smiles. Russians seem to think that smiling is something that is reserved for family and friends.

Difference no. 3 – Weddings and Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are typically worn on the left ring finger and the same is with engagement rings. In the wedding itself the bride’s family will join the groom’s family in paying for the rehearsal dinner. This is the common norm but in some parts of the world it is very different.

The Difference in Russia:

In Russia, wedding rings are worn on the right finger and on top of that Russia is one of the cultures where the grooms family pays for everything.

Difference no. 4 – Privacy

Western societies are very used to privacy as the recent developments with the US government spying on its people has shown. Everyone expects their personal space to be respected.

The Difference in Russia:

People in Russia have long worked together in tight spaces. Not only that – thanks to the country’s agricultural heritage people are very used to the communal system of gathering together to make decisions about any changes in the land. Thanks to that people are very comfortable as a collective. Russian people have no issues with joining a complete stranger at their table. That would certainly scare people in the western societies but in Russia, it is the norm.