dating a Russian woman

When thinking of Russia, the word that comes to mind is “hospitality”. It’s a country where you are welcomed into people’s homes with a lot of warmth. It is definitely a tight knit community where ancient customs are still held precious even though they may be very surprising and overwhelming for some outsiders. We have some tips for you if you are interested in dating a Russian woman.

Meet and Greet

As with the Western culture, handshakes make sense when you greet someone you meet for the very first time. When someone introduces you to a woman for the first time or a woman approaches you while you are seated somewhere, get up to greet her. It is a gentlemanly practice that hasn’t faded out of the Russian culture as it has with many other cultures. Russian women are used to being surrounded by gentlemen and if you want to make a good impression, then you need to follow this rule.

Hospitality at Home dating a Russian woman

When you date a Russian woman, sooner or later you will be meeting the family. In this culture it is rather sooner than later. Russians are very hospitable when it comes to dating partners and you can expect great meals with lots of good food and drinks. You will be offered shots of vodka since that is deeply embedded into the practice of hospitality. You should always accept this offer and refuse only for a very serious reason such as a medical condition, etc.
Guests are also expected to bring a small gift for everyone in the family. They don’t need to be expensive, just small tokens.


The hospitality that you receive in Russia comes from the tight knit family culture that exists there. Family is the most important thing for Russians and you can expect to gain a family if you start seriously dating a Russian woman. Focus on creating a great impression on her family. Make an effort to visit them and bond with them. Also show them how serious you are about the relationship and introduce her to your family as well.


You can bet that Russian women are very patriotic and proud of their culture. Whatever you may think about the Russian politics, don’t bring it up with her. What we advise you do is learn about their history and learn to love parts of it. If you are getting into a serious relationship with a Russian woman then it’s also a great idea to learn some of the language. That is an excellent way to exhibit the respect you have for her country.