We know this title comes across aggressive and that there are many amazing Russian women out there. Unfortunately not all of them are all that lovely and if you are interested in dating Russian women then you need to be aware of some notorious types. Western men have been interested in dating ladies from the East for a very long time and that is no surprise. The women are hot, passionate and interested in creating a family. If you are looking for love on Russian dating sites then be mindful on these three types:

The Notorious Gold Digger Type

Russian womenIn an online setting these ladies are very easy to spot. They will ask you to send them money sooner or later. Remember the first rule of online dating: thou shall not send any money to a stranger online. Even if they come up with seemingly great reasons why you should. You don’t know who you are dealing with. If that happens to you then you should report them to the customer service team of the site you are on.

In an offline setting, spotting these ladies is slightly more difficult. You should know that in the Russian dating culture it is normal to give presents. Actually the whole culture has a lot of gift giving in it. You are expected to bring your date flowers or small presents. Note that nothing needs to be expensive and ladies don’t mind not going to a 5-star restaurant. If you come across someone who is demanding you take them to expensive places then you may have a gold digger at hand.

The Dependent Type

In an online setting, the dependent type is a woman who seems to constantly need help with one thing or another. She sits around and complains about her problems and is always asking your advice. This may seem harmless to you but give it some though. Don’t you think it will get tiring in the long run? It sounds like she is confusing you with a therapist rather than an online date.

In an offline setting these ladies are usually the ones who believe in strong stereotypes. Usually Russian women have their own dreams and aspirations but if you find someone who is the opposite then it spells trouble. If you start feeling like this person is too clingy then RUN.

The Bad News Girl – The Partying Type

This is the type that is not looking for a serious relationship neither online or offline. She could be dating just to find a like minded person to party with. Typically this type of a woman is young and shallow. She doesn’t yet know what she wants to do in life or even who she fully is. A typical scenario is that these young women look for older men since they think this will help them maintain the lifestyle they have become so used to. They have no plans to settle down and create a family.


If you are looking for a good Russian woman to date, have a good time with and eventually settle down then you need to look further from these types. Good luck with your online dating.