Russian women online

Articles, blog posts and forums are wonderful sources for information if you have a great interest in dating Russian women online. It isn’t that difficult to find these places either because there are so incredibly many of them on the web – people love to share their experiences.

If you’ve been online dating before then you have most likely contributed to some posts yourself but if you’re new, you should be knowledgeable about some acronyms used in the posts, so you could fully understand what’s being said. We decided to make things easier for you and compile a list of 24 of the most commonly used acronyms and add a description: Russian women online

RW – The most important one for you – Russian women.
FSUW – Former Soviet Union women – Women that were born in post Soviet countries.
UW – Ukrainian women – The women from Ukraine.
FSR – Former Soviet republics – Similar to FSU. See that description.
FSU – Former Soviet Union – Similar with FSR. Refers to states that were formed after the termination of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Some of the states include: Estonia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Russia.
AW – American women – Some mean women from United States. Usually Canadian women say North American or Canadian but sometimes just American.
EEW – Easter European women – Women from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and so forth.
ESL – English as a second language – This one indicates that the person doesn’t speak English as their first language. Important thing to know about someone if you’re looking to date them.
MOB – Mail order bride(s) – Everyone knows what this means. Often online dating is mistaken for a MOB. However the two are very different because MOB’s don’t have the process of the so called courtship.

The following acronyms are shortcuts often used in chats. This is also supposed to help you with your dating of Russian women:

GF – Girlfriend – A girl you’re in a relationship with. Example(s):
Do you have a GF?
I have an FSU GF.
BF – Boyfriend – A boy you’re in a relationship with. Example(s):
Do you have a BF?
I have an FSU BF.
FB – Facebook – Example(s):
What’s your FB account?
Search for my FB account and you’ll know I’m real.
ISO – In search of – Explaining the kind of person you’re looking to date. Example(s):
ISO a kind RW.
SOH – Sense of humour – Example(s):
A nice guy with an great SOH here.
TLC – Tender loving care – Example(s):
Need some good old TLC!
LTR – Long term relationship – Use this if you’re looking for a serious relationship. Example(s):
Only in for a LTR.
FWB – Friend’s with benefits. Lot’s of people are into this idea.

Other very common acronyms used to describe yourself or another person in chats, forums, articles and blog posts:

SWM – Single white male
NS or N/S – Nonsmoker
WM – White man
BM – Black man
D – Divorced
DWM – Divorced white male
DWW – Divorced white woman

That’s all we have to put on the list. There may be tons of more out there that you can come across on your own and when you do – leave a comment below!
Good luck with dating Russian women online.