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Year: 2013

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Dating Russian Ladies – Impressing the Family

When you’re dating Russian ladies, you should know that it doesn’t differ much from dating other women. Every relationship begins with casual dating and getting to know each other. Then, the dates become more romantic and the relationship more serious. After a while together, many people start considering marriage, however, in Russian culture, it’s necessary to get to know the family first. read more

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Beautiful Russian Ladies – Getting to Know Her Family

Stages of relationships do not differ even when you date beautiful Russian ladies. Every relationship starts with the getting to know each other stage. Then next comes the romantic phase where you end up being more intimate and attached to one another. And maybe after that, you would already want to tie the knot? No. It’s very important to get to know the family of your sweetheart first before you can start planning the wedding or your life together. read more

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Dating Russian Beauties – Meeting the Parents

There are a number of different stages to every relationship and it is the same when you’re dating Russian beauties. Each relationship normally starts with casual dates to understand each other better. Then you will upgrade to the romantic stage where you end up being more intimate and serious. And, after that, wedding bells, right? Nope. You’re going to have to go through the “meet my parents and probably my whole family” stage before you can even make plans for the wedding, particularly with Russian women. read more

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Best Russian Dating Sites and Other Dating Services

Introduction to women is a confusing experience for most men hence the need for best Russian dating sites. It becomes even harder for some men to approach a woman if the woman is smart and sexy. This is the reason why many rich men use their money to attract ladies. However, not everyone is well endowed with wealth. Currently, there are very many sites offering these services. Some of these services have abundant members from all parts of the world while others only focus on a particular niche, hence a small group of people. read more

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Dating Beautiful Russian Women – The Hardships of International Dating

International online dating has grown to be more and more popular over the years as much more guys than ever are hoping to meet beautiful Russian women on the web. Despite the fact that there are many advantages to intercultural romances, they do come with their own challenges. Listed below are a few common disadvantages of cross cultural relationships and some ideas for overcoming these issues. read more