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Russia can be a very romantic place to visit. Especially so if you’re visiting it with the purpose of meeting someone special you’ve been interacting with online. In that case you surely want to ensure the trip is unforgettable for the two of you. A good way to go about that would be to take a trip within a trip: take your Russian date to one of these amazingly romantic trips in her own country:

Romantic Getaway Location #1: St Petersburg, Russia

With its rich history and many amazing spots St Petersburg is a very popular destination for couples. Here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

Ideal Place to Visit

The Hermitage bridge and Zimnyaya Kanavka(translates to Winter Canal in English)
This canal connects Bolshaya Neva with Moika River and the bridge is across the canal along the Palace Embankment.
There is a legend about this canal – it says that unrequited love-struck lovers go there and toss a coin in the water while they think of the person they love in order to make the feeling reciprocal.

Ideal Place for a Romantic Dinner

L’Europe Restaurant that is located inside the Grand Hotel Europe. The atmosphere is perfect: exquisite, elegant and romantic.
The restaurant is serviced by professional waiters with bow-ties. There is live music and divine cuisine.

Ideal Activity

Going for a walk in the Summer Garden. The garden was created in 1704 on the orders of Peter the Great. It is home to amazing marble statues from Europe, plenty of rare plants, flowers and magical fountains.

Romantic Getaway Location #2: Moscow, Russia

This place is a real treat. It is the number one destination in Russia and it has numerous romantic places you can go.

Ideal Place to Visit

Aptekarsky Ogorod
This is Russia’s oldest botanic garden also created on the orders of Peter the Great back in 1706. The goal was to create a garden for growing medicinal plants and the word “aptekarsky” means “apothecary”. It is seen as a romantic spot because it is full of nature’s beauty. You will find exotic flowers in the summer, beautiful trees and ice sculptures in the winter. It is inside the city but still somewhat hidden from the eye.

Ideal Place for a Romantic Dinner

Cafe Michel was designed keeping visitors in mind. The idea was to create the feeling that you are in Paris when you eat there and what is more romantic than Paris? The food is fantastic and prices reasonable.

Ideal Activity

Go visit at Love Trees at the Luzhkov Bridge.
The trees have numerous locks of different shapes and sizes attached to it. It’s the newly married couples who visit the bridge and place a lock on a tree as a symbolic act of “locking” their love in place.

These are two ideal locations you can take your favorite girl on. Come back soon for more online dating tips.

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